10 CGI Fails That Totally Ruined Recent Movies

9. The Tyrant & The Cerberus - Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City

The Adam Project Catherine Keener
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Oh, Resident Evil. Fans of the video games really, really wanted Welcome To Raccoon City to deliver a more spirited, faithful rendition of the video game series compared to the Paul W.S. Anderson films, but the end result was a cheap, unintentionally comical, and mostly poorly acted mess.

One of its defining problems was its low $25 million budget - less than even the original's $33 million price tag 20 years ago - ensuring that director Johannes Roberts was unable to render the series' iconic creatures with lavishly grotesque VFX.

Instead, there's a pronounced bargain basement quality to the film's two major digital creatures: the zombie dog known as the Cerberus and William Birkin's (Neal McDonough) final mutation.

Given that these are two of the games' most iconic villains, to see them look ironically like something out of a PS1 FMV was the last straw for a lot of fans who had basically already given up on the movie.

Hopefully Netflix spent a little more money on their upcoming Resident Evil TV series.


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