10 CGI Fails That Totally Ruined Recent Movies

8. Poorly Green-Screened Fan Bingbing - The 355

The Adam Project Catherine Keener

The 355 is admittedly a pretty terrible movie any way you slice it - a migraine-inducingly boring spy thriller packed with limp action sequences, atrocious dialogue, and some weirdly awful visual effects.

Many of the few people who actually bothered to watch it noted that cast member Fan Bingbing looked a little strange throughout the film, as though some sort of post-production effect was applied to her.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that Bingbing was actually green-screened into a number of the film's scenes, most distractingly during her final farewell from the rest of the team, where her personal lighting doesn't match that of the rest of the scene.

Throughout the film we rarely see her in shots with her fellow cast members and it's hilariously clear that she shot a good portion of her material without them, with the VFX and editing teams tasked with incorporating it into the existing footage.

While we don't know exactly what went down, between The 355 undergoing extensive reshoots and Bingbing's movements being restricted by the Chinese government due to her recent tax evasion scandal, it's possible that director Simon Kinberg simply had to make the best with her limited availability.

Either way, Bingbing looks subtly off most of the time she's on screen, and while the audience might not know precisely why, their brain absolutely understands that something isn't right - the lighting doesn't match and she isn't sharing a physical space with her co-stars.


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