10 CGI Fails That Totally Ruined Recent Movies

7. Definitely Not Egypt - Death On The Nile

The Adam Project Catherine Keener
20th Century Studios

To be completely fair to Kenneth Branagh's long-delayed Agatha Christie adaptation, Death on the Nile is actually a pretty fun time in terms of its frothy story and knowing performances, even though it's tough not be constantly distracted by the woefully unsatisfactory VFX.

The bulk of the murder-mystery plot naturally unfolds on a cruise ship, the S.S. Karnak, that's sailing down the Nile. And yet, there's such a blatant artificiality to the exterior elements that it's never even remotely convincing that the film was actually shot in Egypt.

Though the production originally considered filming in Egypt and then Morocco - the latter a common stand-in for the former - it was ultimately deemed too difficult, and so the entire main shoot was instead filmed on soundstages in England.

A second unit did shoot some background plates in Egypt, yet whenever the cast are outside of the ship, it's painfully apparent they're performing in front of a green screen which was then composited into a digital backdrop later.

This is most egregiously apparent when Jackie de Bellefort (Emma Mackey) first boards the ship in a lavish wide shot of the horizon, which looks laughably fake.

For a film that should for all intents and purposes make the Nile a character in of itself, it's a shame that it feels like such a mechanical, unconvincing confection.


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