10 CGI Moments In Recent Movies You DEFINITELY Missed

9. Flash At The MIT Mixer - Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Marvel Studios

It's no secret that post-production on Spider-Man: No Way Home was extremely rushed, resulting in a number of shots that honestly don't look that great, such as the masks of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men being obviously digital, and the infamous shot of Flash (Tony Revolori) standing against a garish CGI street backdrop.

But there's another VFX shot involving Flash that's altogether more seamless, when Peter (Tom Holland) calls Flash while he's attending an MIT mixer party.

To the untrained observer, there's absolutely nothing unremarkable or out-of-place about the scene, but shortly after No Way Home's release, the film's VFX supervisor Kelly Port revealed that the scene was actually achieved through blue screen compositing.

Because actor Tony Revolori wasn't available to film at the MIT mixer, the decision was made to shoot a background plate separately, film Revolori against a blue screen, and then comp the two together.

While even basic compositing can look blatantly artificial if the conditions aren't totally uniform, in this case they matched the lighting perfectly between the two elements, so there's basically no way of knowing how the sausage was made.


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