10 CGI Moments In Recent Movies You DEFINITELY Missed

8. F-Bomb Removal - Fall

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Black Bolt

Fall was a ridiculously ambitious project for a mere $3 million suspense thriller, and while the vertiginous VFX backdrops don't always look particularly great, there is one CGI trick you almost certainly didn't catch.

The film was originally shot for an R-rating, but once Lionsgate purchased it and decided to release it in cinemas, they ordered more than 30 uses of the F-word to be removed from the film to secure it a more profitable PG-13 rating.

Because reshoots simply weren't possible for budgetary reasons, the decision was made to use deepfake technology to digitally alter the actors' faces while the cast simply re-dubbed the offending dialogue into something cleaner.

Flawless, the company hired to complete the task, was not-so-coincidentally founded by Fall's director Scott Mann, but considering how seamless the end result is - beyond the slightly unnatural use of words like "freaking" - it was certainly an impressive showcase for the deepfake tech.

Fall went on to gross more than six-times its budget at the box office, so all involved likely consider it money well spent.


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