10 Characters That Could Make Up The MCU's Thunderbolts

Marvel's Suicide Squad are heavily rumoured to be making their way to the MCU.

Marvel Studios

When Kevin Feige unveiled the entire phase four slate back in 2019, there was the notable omission of one of the staples of the previous three phases, an Avengers movie. Usually the exclamation point at the end of an MCU chapter, phase four will seemingly have to go without.

The next set of movies was also announced without a third instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy, although we do know this will be coming eventually. With the future of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in doubt after losing several key members throughout Endgame, and the Guardians rumoured to be bowing out of the franchise after Volume 3, there is room in the MCU for a new super team.

Enter the Thunderbolts - a team of reformed villains working together in what will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's answer to the Suicide Squad.

There are several different rumours surrounding how and when the team will be introduced, but at this point it seems a matter of when, rather than if the Thunderbolts will make an appearance. With over ten years' worth of MCU characters to draw from - and many more from the source material - there is no shortage of options that could make up this brand new iteration of the team...


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