10 Characters Who MUST Appear In Upcoming Movie Sequels

Ash is a dead cert for the Pokémon.

Warner Bros. & Nintendo

Sequels are par for the course in Hollywood these days, with pretty much every even halfway successful franchise churning out two or three before fading away.

These normally come with higher stakes, bigger budgets and new characters brought in. Most franchises tend to be built off things as well, either books, comics or video games, so these yet to be introduced characters already exist in the narrative in some way.

Fans often have clear pictures of what should be coming next in some of these movies, while others have fan theories which hinge on certain characters being included.

With this in mind, there are a few predictions to be made. These movies all have either had sequels confirmed or enjoyed such stellar box office that they’re pretty much inevitable. Hollywood rarely turns down money makers, and this feels like a golden age for franchise flicks; they’d be fools not to cash in.

Whether they're returning characters whose futures are uncertain, while the latter ones are all newcomers to be introduced. Either way, these ten simply must appear in their upcoming sequels.


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