10 Chick Flicks Your Girlfriend Roped You Into That You Ended Up Loving

Alright fellas. We've all been here. It's date night with your girl and it's her turn to pick the movie you watch. It doesn't matter how many subtle hints you drop, you know she ain't picking Back to the Future, Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or True Lies. She almost picked ET, but then she remembered that she thought he was ugly and he scared her. (Despite your pleas of how adorable he really is once you get to know him.) You just have to accept it, tonight's going to be girly. It's going to be miserable and boring and lame and corny and...hang on there...this, uh...this isn't so bad. Yes, every once in a blue moon, the chick flick you were roped into seeing ends up being, you know what, pretty awesome. You laughed, you cried, and now you realize you have an even bigger crush on Reese Witherspoon. It's okay to admit you're into chick flicks. Why? Because everybody has the right to those, what do you call them? Emotions? Ready your tissue boxes and break out the Cherry Garcia ladies, we're counting down the top ten!

10. The Notebook

Okay, okay. Honestly? This is service to most of the guys I went to High School and College with who said this film made them cry. Chances are you're in the majority of red blooded American men who feel the same. Remember when it first came out and everyone lost their lunch over it because it was so beautiful and incredible, with the ducks flying over the pond in the end, or whatever? Yeah. As far as my opinion is concerned, it was just alright. BUT! It did great things for both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' careers. And rightfully so, they're both two very beautiful, very talented people. I tip my hat to it because of what broke; the comfort zone of a lot of dudes and subsequently brought them over to the light pink side. (Light pink being the color of Love here.) The Notebook helped bring guys and girls together and make sweet, sweet relationship happenings. Of this we approve. There was abundant teenage hand holding and polite pecks on the cheek because of this film. Why? Because it was old school romantic. Gosling and McAdams had an old school relationship. (Literally. Their love story took place in the 1940's.) This movie made people want to work hard at their relationships, prove that love never dies, and that hard work and honest emotions can bring together those who are meant to be together. It's full of sweet sentiment and the idea of soul mates, that without one the other cannot exist. I think because the film was a hearkening back to those days of yore, it was incredibly effective and made both guys and girls alike watch romantic films with a fresh, new perspective. For that, it earns a spot here.
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