10 Christmas Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

9. Sint

We all know Father Christmas as a jolly, rotund fellow with a penchant for mince pies and making children smile, but after watching Dutch director Dick Maas€™ Sint you won€™t be happily singing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" any time soon. Turning the local legend of Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa) on its head, the film transforms him into a bloodthirsty bishop killed in the 15th century by an angry mob after pillaging and murdering his way through Europe. Evil doesn€™t die so easily though and now every 32 years when a moon falls on 5th December, the anniversary of his death, his vengeful spirit returns to wreak bloody havoc on Amsterdam. Beyond its dark humour and local folklore, Sint€™s visuals €“ picture Saint Nick bounding across the rooftops of Amsterdam astride his trusty steed of doom (no cute, carrot-chomping reindeers here) €“ are impressively stunning.

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