10 Classic Christmas Films That Actually Came Out In The Summer

In Australia every Christmas film comes out in summer. Well, except for these ones.


Making a classic Christmas movie is a bit of a double-edged sword in terms of its future audience. While a true festive great is likely to brought out for another rewatch at this time of year every year, stories of winter wonderlands and frosted window panes don't exactly have a lot of place during a mid-July heatwave.

Even more than frightfests in October and love stories in February, there is a set place in the year for tales of gift giving, sparkly decorations and seasonal good will toward men. And that time is now. Or so you would think.

In fact, though, many of the festive favourites you love to watch at Christmas originally aired to an audience in a wholly different season. While people on screen were cosying up with chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the audience were just happy to be in an air conditioned theatre away from their own roasting from the mid-year sun.

Here are ten beloved Christmas classics that actually came out during the summer. Ironically, the Hallmark TV movie Christmas In Summer is not one of them.


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