10 Classic Christmas Films That Actually Came Out In The Summer

10. Iron Man 3

Marvel Studios

If the ongoing interlocking serial of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is essentially a TV series writ large, with Endgame as its season finale, then Iron Man 3 is assuredly the Christmas episode.

Playing out in front of Christmas lights and exploding baubles, Marvel's only December-set movie even involves that classic festive storyline of a pampered, rich big city character stuck in a wintery small town to find himself with the help of a local kid.

While its studio today may happily play up the movie's seasonal qualities (its release on streaming with Disney+ last month saw it tagged as a "Christmas" movie alongside the mouse house's other festive faves like A Nightmare Before Christmas and Mickey's Christmas Carol), they were much less keen to embrace those yuletide trappings on its release.

Coming out in May 2013, the sounds of Jingle Bells on the soundtrack made Iron Man 3 seem oddly out of time.


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