10 Classic Christmas Films That Actually Came Out In The Summer

9. Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

Universal Pictures

The typical rotation of movies in the Christmas TV schedules is sure to include an airing of The Great Escape, which has ingrained itself as a seasonal favourite despite having nothing to do with Christmas. There is, however, at least one World War 2 prisoner of war story that is also a Christmas one.

Not only does this Japanese-British co-production centre key scenes in its oddball pairing of David Bowie and Takeshi Kitano at Christmas, but it even has Merry Christmas in its title. So, of course it would make sense to bring it to cinemas for the festive season.

Bowie had enjoyed one of the biggest hit singles of his career when his version of Little Drummer Boy, recorded with Bing Crosby, was released appropriately in the build up to Christmas 1982. His appearance in Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence the following year, though, wasn't granted the same treatment as its release happened instead in the middle of August 1983.


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