10 Classic Film Characters Who Didn't Have As Much Screen-Time As You Thought

7. Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

If you were to bet on which of the Disney princesses had the least screen-time, Sleeping Beauty would probably be a safe bet, thanks to her name. But just how little she did appear in her own film is really quite astounding. Aurora only had 18 minutes in the film. More amazing than that though, she only had 18 lines of dialogue; I'm sure you can work out just how much that equates to, but perhaps the most interesting fact is that she doesn't say anything past the 40-minute mark of the film. She's billed as the lead character, and the film is named after her, yet she doesn't say a thing for the entire second half. The evil witch Maleficent is instead the focus of the piece. It's perhaps no surprise that Angelina Jolie wanted to play her instead of Aurora in her upcoming adaptation of this classic.

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