10 Classic Films That Should Be Remade

A remake of The Breakfast Club? It might not be such a bad idea...

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(Hi Ewan, glad the others worked well. I have replaced the of mice and men entry - although that's still a film I'd love to see - with Bryan Singer's Apt Pupil. Really interesting film that didn't quite explore Stephen King's story as much as it could have, I hope that works for you, if not then I can easily find another. Thank you!)

The act of remaking a film is something that many cinema lovers frown upon, and that is understandable, as often attempting to recreate a classic movie can result in unsubtle cash-grabs for nostalgia. But despite that, there is an excellent benefit to trying to breathe new life into an already existing property.

It is fair to say that the time period a film is set and released in is an integral part of its legacy. However, recreating one for the modern world can apply new technologies, retrospective improvements and contemporary social issues to make them far more impactful to a new audience.

There is also a deeply artistic reason to remake classic movies, as filmmakers can generate inspiring films based on a concept that has already been proven to work, and therefore take more risks with its presentation or narrative potential.

Even some of the best films of all time are remakes, such as Scarface and The Thing, proving that re-treading on old ground can often lead to brilliance...


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