10 Classic Movies Ruined By Just One Scene

Who the hell thought the monkey should ice skate?!


Sometimes a film can be flowing along swimmingly with brilliantly cast leads, intriguing plotlines and stunning cinematography and then suddenly there comes a scene so disappointing or out of left field that it can have audiences questioning the sanity of everyone behind the camera.

Like finding someone else’s hair in a plate of particularly tasty food or a dead fly in an expensive cocktail, a bad scene in a movie can be truly off-putting. And while there’s no such thing as the perfect movie, some can come incredibly close, to the point that single scenes that derail them feel even more ruinous. And in some cases the decisions behind them are so head-scratchingly WTF that they can actually dilute the impact of the film's better moments.

Here are ten of those very scenes from annoyingly dumb character moments and inappropriate cameos to ruined reveals and anti-climactic endings.

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