10 Classic Movies You've Always Misunderstood

10. The Terminator - The Time Travel Makes Sense


Whenever you use time travel in a movie you're going to be fighting an upward battle, thanks in no small part to there being no definitive theory behind how it works as a concept. The real issue is that the biggest time travel movie of all, Back To The Future, has such confused rules that, even though it doesn't fully follow them, audiences take as gospel.

I like to think of the base time travel theory to be one of €˜whatever happened, happened€™ (there€™'s another element of Lost no one understood). The loop well-known as a grandfather paradox - where you don€™t change the past, rather fulfil a scientific influenced destiny - keeps everything in one universe, with no parallel realities. But when it comes to The Terminator, a film that uses this theory religiously, people get confused.

Admittedly it doesn't help the sequels mess up the rules, but James Cameron'€™s first movie is so tight, with the final scene reaffirming that Kyle Reese is, and always was, John Connor€™'s father.

Now I'€™ll bet many of you are sat there going €œwell duh€, but you don'€™t have to travel far into the internet to find someone who thinks there€™'s multiple universes at work in this very simple plot. Damn you technically superior, but narratively confusing Judgement Day!


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