10 Cloverfield Lane: A Complete Guide To The Viral Marketing


The first part of Cloverfield's viral marketing was a simple site of moveable images found using its release date, 1-18-08, then the closest we had to a title. The site remained involved all the way through the campaign (and even boasted a great hidden easter egg of the monsters roar) and, while now taken down, was a simple highlight of that ARG. It appears that a similar trick of using a release date as a website has been employed here. I say appears because it's not 100% clear if this is something done my someone involved in the marketing, or is simply a fan sticking their oar in; redirects you to to a static image of a Do-It-Yourself Bomb Shelter. The link to 10 Cloverfield Lane should be obvious, although it doesn't really offer up much tangible weight to the story behind the film. Oddly enough, the image is hosted on Twins And Co. Realty, a genuine real estate site (no idea why they'd need it); this is a generic, widely used image of shelters, but this host was probably just picked at random. Regardless, it's not really giving us much, but still needs to be mentioned for completion.

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