10 Comedy Actors Who Became Ripped Action Stars

These comedy stars all packed on the muscle for action movies.

kumail nanjiani

When it comes to the always difficult task of turning your body into a mountain of muscle, everyone has their own specific reason for setting themselves this shredded goal. Some people decide to trade milkshakes for protein shakes for health reasons, while others simply turn to dieting and the gym as a new personal hobby.

Then there are those select few who drop the pounds and pick up the weights in order to authentically portray an ass-kicking character in a larger-than-life action film. We're talking, of course, about the mythical beast known as the actor.

Yet, seeing a theatre-trained thespian sculpt their body into the shape required to play a soldier, secret agent, or superhero is one thing. Watching a performer who made their name in the side-splitting world of comedy put in the graft and craft themselves an impressive six-pack for the big screen is a different kettle of fish entirely.

From building biceps for bad guy beatings in the MCU, to learning to bump like a legitimate pro wrestler for their art, each of these comedy sensations all proved that turning your body into an all-out action machine is no joke.

11. Honourable Mention: Emily Blunt

kumail nanjiani
Chris Pizzello/AP/Warner Bros.

She may not be classed as an out-and-out comedy actor, but Emily Blunt has still proved herself capable in the world of quips and one-liners, with her hilarious performances in Wild Target and The Devil Wear Prada both being particular stand-outs.

So, with that in mind, the work the star put into ensuring she was physically ready to take on the on-set challenges of starring opposite action superstar Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow definitely deserves an honourable mention.

Before donning the infamously weighty suit her character wears throughout the flick, Blunt enlisted the help of a personal trainer who helped increase the star's flexibility and strength. After this, Blunt was taken to a track by her PT where she was then made to perform "tons and tons of sprints up stairs." Then, to make sure she was ready for the suit in question, Blunt would later perform those same track exercises with a 10-pound vest on her person, before eventually moving up to a 20-pound and 30-pound variation.

All in all, the work definitely paid off for the star as she looked like the real deal anytime she appeared on screen as Sergeant Rita Vrataski. Though, Blunt did later reflect that she still shed a few tears when first putting on the soul-crushingly heavy gear.


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