10 Comedy Movies Audiences Walked Out Of

Is a movie really a comedy if there's no one there to laugh at it?!

Swiss Army Man

Smoke alarms, a call from your mother, projectile vomiting - these are but a few reasons why you might rush out of a cinema screening with haste. However, while emergencies like that force your hand, there is another reason why you might step out of a big screen venue, and that's if the movie you're watching sucks.

Everyone knows that sitting through a movie you don't like in the cinema is par for the course. Even if you aren't enjoying yourself, you need to sit in your mistake, as you paid for the ticket and don't want to feel like a chump. But, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and you need to get out of there.

Plenty of movies get walked out on, but one genre that seems relatively safe on paper is comedy. The entire goal of the genre is to keep audiences happy and laughing, so surely people should want to stay. Unfortunately, not even the fresh allure of comedy is safe from the dreaded walk-out.

Now, not all of the following movies suck; some, in fact, are rather good. But, that didn't stop multiple audience members from running out on them when they felt they couldn't take anymore.

10. Deadpool

Swiss Army Man
20th Century Fox

When it comes to Marvel movies (even the ones that Marvel Studios don't make), walk-outs are to be expected, as many are still not wised up on the classic post-credits sting. But, in the case of Deadpool, the walk-outs came during the movie itself, not the credits.

Casual cinema goers are no doubt used to the superhero genre at this point, and it's safe to say that even at their darkest, these super-powered flicks are the kind of thing you can bring your kids to. Flashy colours, fun characters, goofy humour and only mild violence; it's the perfect family trip. But anyone who has seen Deadpool knows it doesn't fit that category.

The movie is a crass, vulgar, violent mess, which helped it become one of the most commercially successful Rated-R movies (15 in the UK) of all time. Unfortunately, a slew of parents thought it would be the perfect experience for their kids, only to become horrified by the shocking depravity on screen, causing mass exits around the halfway point.

Now, to Deadpool's credit, the actor behind the mask made a painstaking effort to warn parents not to take their kids to see it. Reynolds even wrote open letters urging parents to exercise caution. But, the message didn't reach everybody, and some kids saw things that weren't designed for their eyes.


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