10 Comic Book Castings That Were Perfect (But In A Different Role)

The right actors, but definitely the wrong roles.

Topher Grace Spidey Comic book movie casting is a tricky business. Just ask the casting agents working on Batman Vs Superman. The whole Batfleck reaction was insane and more controversy has erupted since Warner Bros. announced Jesse Eisenberg would be the new Lex Luthor. Both Affleck and Eisenberg are talented actors in their own right, but many fans still object to their casting. The key issue is that neither actor is terrible but they're both terrible for THOSE roles. Have you ever watched a comic book film and thought a particular actor was terrific, just not for the part they were given? "Right movie, wrong role" syndrome has plagued many a superhero movie, so let's set the record straight and re-imagine 10 tricky comic book castings by recasting them in different roles that the actors are better suited for. Whether you agree or disagree with the following choices, let us know what you think either way by writing in the comments section below. What do those Hollywood casting agents know anyway, right?

10. Cobie Smulders As The Scarlet Witch Instead Of Maria Hill

Scarlett Witch Maria Hill The first Avengers film was heavily dominated by male leads, so it was exciting to hear that Black Widow will be joined in the sequel by the Scarlet Witch, a mutant who can manipulate probability in her favor. It's just a shame that Cobie Smulders was already spoken for. Although Smulders has proven to be successful in the role of secret agent Maria Hill, with further appearances scheduled in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: The Age of Ultron, I can't help but picture her as the Scarlet Witch. Fans are optimistic regarding Elizabeth Olsen's casting, but Smulders is a better fit for the character. The Scarlet Witch is generally calm and restrained yet has a strong presence about her, a raw power that I think Smulders could convey more effectively than Olsen. Smulders also looks the part, combining an inner strength with a sultry appeal that suits the Scarlet Witch more than S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill.

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