10 Comic Book Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Last week I shared with you a few horror movie facts that would blow your mind. This time around, we are going to focus on a few obscure comic book movie facts. Now, I€™m not going to focus on bigger films like The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel etc, because you young whippersnappers just seem to know everything already nowadays. So, lets go in a different direction. Some of these entries you might not have even realised originated from a comic-book, and one entry technically isn€™t even a comic book movie (I cheated a little). So, I present a few comic book movie facts that might just blow your mind a little bit. Let's begin...

10. Spawn - John Leguizamo Ate Live Maggots On A Pizza For The Film


This is true dedication to a film; too bad the film wasn€™t all that great. In the big-screen adaptation of the Todd Mcfarlane€™s comic-book Spawn, Leguizamo plays the only tolerable character in the movie, the Clown aka Violator. Spawn follows a mercenary who is killed, but comes back from Hell as a hesitant soldier of the Devil. Clown also works for the Devil and is there to steer Spawn in the right direction. He spends much of the movie doing disgusting things like taking a c**p in his pants and rummaging through the garbage for food. In the movie he also eats a pizza that€™s covered in maggots. Now, you would think this pizza wasn€™t actually covered in these disgusting maggots, but indeed it was. This guy deserves some respect for the level of dedication...

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