10 Comic Book Movie Henchmen Who Deserve Way More Praise

"You... are my number one... guy!"

Lady Deathstrike

Great movie villains don't get to where they are on their own; they need a dedicated workforce of honourable, unquestioning employees who would do anything for their dark master.

Movie henchmen are the disposable entities within a film that serve as an obstacle for the hero to overcome or a weapon for the main villain to unleash whenever they so please. Outside of comic-book films, it's also something of a trait that the second-in-command or main henchman is in fact the better and stronger antagonist (see most James Bond films), so it's a wonder sometimes why they're pushed to the sides at all.

They really are enigma's of their own as they're the singled out servants in a villain's plan; just something about them popped and seduced the movie's villain so much they told their right-hand-guy to put down his generic outfit and go customise a kit of his own.

It almost makes you wonder how does one become a henchman in the first place?

Well that's too long of a discussion for one day, so let's instead take a look at ten comic book ride-or-die servants that deserve all the praise in the world.

10. Barsad - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Lady Deathstrike
Warner Bros.

If you're going to willingly sit in crashing planes, or quietly accept that your leader is going to kill you, you have to be a truly die-hard devotee to a cause.

First of all, we only know this guy's name because of his IMDB credit. If we said this guys name was Captain Leather-Daddy Babyface you'd have no way of arguing that it wasn't. But thanks to Josh Stewart's surprisingly recognisable face, we can ID this man and salute a hero credited only as "Barsad".

In the opening scene with the airplane, Barsad leads the dummy transfer that gets Bane on the CIA plane in the first place. When Bane fights Batman in the sewers of Gotham, he silently cheers for his boss' strength as he beats and breaks an adult man in a black Halloween costume. He even becomes the voice of the siege of Gotham when negotiating with the military.

All of these attributes make up a character who should have had an ending resolution. Instead, we aren't even sure if he dies during the climactic events at the end of TDKR. Fingers crossed he didn't...

God bless you Barsad. The movie might have forgotten about you, but we haven't.


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