10 Comic Book Movie Performances So Boring It Actually Hurt


Robert Downey Jr.. Heath Ledger. Tom Hiddleston. Patrick Stewart. Ben Kingsley. Tom Hardy. Ian McKellen. What do all these fine folk have in common? Why, they've all played insanely memorable and brilliant executed comic book characters in major film adaptations, of course. And memorable is the key word of the day, because what's the point in agreeing to take on a comic book character if you aren't going to inject your performance with a bit of oomph? Not to mention the fact that "comic book character" kind of implies a sense of heightened reality: bigger is better. But tell that to the following actors, all who seemed to miss the memo about "having fun" when they agreed to play some of the most iconic and best loved comic book characters of all-time on the big screen, and somehow managed - instead - to have us yawning in the aisles. If that sounds harsh, it means only to imply that the actors gathered here left barely an impression on us, despite the fact they all had the potential to make their characters memorable and somehow didn't. In some cases it might not have been their faults entirely, of course. But mostly it was....

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