10 Comic Book Movie Performances ONLY Made Possible By Intense Method Acting

These actors took a deep, deep dive.

Jared Leto Joker
Warner Bros.

In an age where comic book movies are being taken more seriously than ever before as respectable works of art in their own right, it's not terribly surprising that they're also attracting dedicated actors who don't merely desire a fun paycheck, but want to fully give themselves over to the hero or villain they end up playing.

To that end, method acting is one of the more divisive practices that a performer can partake in to get into character: Daniel Day-Lewis has made a veritable art form out of the method, while many find the notion to be ludicrous, excessive and unnecessary.

However, the results do generally speak for themselves, and while going full method may not be for everyone, it can absolutely elevate an actor's performance if it allows them to become more believably immersed in the part.

In these 10 superhero movies, actors went above and beyond to ensure they felt every bit the character they were playing, from wearing their superhero costume on their off-days to flat-out becoming the character for months on end...


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