10 Comic Book Movies For People Who Don't Like Comic Book Movies

Even the staunchest of X-Men critics HAS to give Logan a shot.

Logan movie
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The superhero movie genre isn't for everyone at the end of the day. After all, sometimes it takes a lot to convince someone to take the trials and tribulations of superpowered humans in tights seriously to begin with.

When you break down the cream of the crop though, there are those films that you just can’t deny are actually pretty darn good.

Even if you hate superhero films with every fiber of your being, these are the exceptions to the rule. Despite being steeped in the world of comic books, these directors helped present these characters in a refreshing way that made them leap off the screen regardless of whether you've read the source material or not.

Compared to some of the more cheesy moments in something like the Avengers, these movies have that special something that make them relatable even to those who have never touched a comic book in their life.

Regardless of how much you might like to dismiss these movies as just your standard action films, this is where you start to see the real humanity behind your favorite heroes. Yeah they may be in tights, but it's still a blast to watch.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

Logan movie

When broken down to its core essentials, Guardians of the Galaxy feels like the antithesis of an accessible comic book movie. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to sell the uninitiated on a film that features a living tree, the guy from Parks and Rec, and a wise-cracking raccoon with a machine gun? If you get the right writers into the fold though, you wind up with one of the greatest adventure movies of the modern age.

Compared to the rest of the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy feels a lot more suited to the action-adventure style of filmmaking that we've seen in the golden age of movies. Whereas you always know when you're watching an Avengers movie, the ravager angle of Peter Quill along with the mercenary mentality playing off of Rocket and Groot feels much more suited to a space age comedic version of something like Indiana Jones.

You will also rarely find another comic book movie that wears its heart on its sleeve like this one, with the backstory of Quill's mom being enough to reduce any creature to tears.

For as much as it might seem silly at the outset, you can't really deny the amount of charm that comes with Guardians.


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