10 Comic Book Movies That Actually Deserve Remakes

Superheroes are all about redemption; sometimes their movies need a second chance too.

Daredevil Elektra

Comic book movies are everywhere these days, releasing at a rate of one or two every three months like clockwork. They have huge investment, A-list stars, massive production values and some are even considered Oscar worthy.

With the cinematic universe Marvel has woven (and DC has tried to emulate), these movies are all intertwined now, and as such everything is carefully planned, plotted and choreographed. There’s no more room for random one-offs like there was in the past, although in many ways this had led to greater quality productions, not least because these movies are now attractive prospects to Hollywood’s finest and production companies will pay for stellar special effects.

However, some movies missed this boat and then some. A lot of adaptations out there just didn’t get as much love the first time around, and deserve another shot. They have fantastic stories to tell, even if a lot of them fumbled the delivery.

We’d all love to see a Fantastic Four movie done right but after three stinkers, but they're practically guaranteed to get remade. There are others, though, who may not be so fortunate - even if they deserve another shot in the spotlight.

10. Jonah Hex

Daredevil Elektra
Warner Bros.

Jonah Hex is a great story told very, very poorly, so there’s always a chance to rebuild.

Josh Brolin carries the movie as the titular Hex, and although the rest of the cast are pretty strong, a combination of weird accents, truncated arcs and poor direction renders them limp. A movie with Brolin, Megan Fox, Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett, Michael Shannon and John Malkovich shouldn’t be this poor.

Megan Fox may stand out on that list, but as Jennifer’s Body and New Girl proves, she’s a decent performer if given leeway. Unfortunately, her role here is to look mildly panicked or pretty; it’s the same hatchet job Jessica Alba got as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four.

If done right, this tale of a cynical cowboy in the old west, a bad man with a good code and a heavily scarred face could be brilliant; just ask John Marston. There’s a deep well in Hex’s canon, but unfortunately the movie took only the smallest of sips.


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