10 Comic Book Movies That Actually Deserve Remakes

9. Green Lantern

Daredevil Elektra
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Green Lantern movie was such a monumentally infamous disaster that the character may still be cinematic scorched earth, but Hal Jordan really deserves another chance. He has one of the most visually entertaining powers in the comic canon, so surely it won’t be long before DC chances another shot at the character.

There were so many mistakes in the first one which should be easier to avoid now. The issues with the suit have been discussed to death, but people often forget how utterly unlikeable Jordan was for the majority of the film.

He was cocky in all of the worst ways, coming off like a bad rip off of Captain Kirk. Not to mention Blake Lively’s character felt superfluous and flat, several plot elements (like the unnecessary plane sequence) made no real sense, and the villain was a celestial ball of gas.

The movie did some good in the world though. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met on set and fell in love, but more importantly it pushed Reynolds out of his romcom funk and motivated him to get Deadpool made his way.


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