10 Completed Movies You Will Never See

Bye-bye, Batgirl...

Batgirl Cancelled
Warner Bros.

There are plenty of films that have been scrapped in pre-production or mid-production. But it's astoundingly rare to close shop when everything's filmed, edited, and ready to be shipped worldwide. Even if a movie is expected to be god-awful or a guaranteed bomb, releasing it will allow the studio to recoup some money. It mightn't be a lot but any amount is better than nothing.

But there are times where completed films never come out (as you should be painfully aware of after hearing the recent announcements by Warner Bros. Discovery).

There are all sorts of reasons why a filmmaker or studio clamp down on a project, even it's 100% ready to go. If a director deserts the film in post-production, it can't be released in its unedited form. Other times, a movie's premiere will be locked indefinitely due to a legal dispute. Sometimes, a finished film can't come out because the negatives were destroyed. Occasionally, the powers-that-be won't bring out the film simply because... it's rubbish.

Whatever the reason, it's guaranteed you'll never live to see any of the completed movies on this list.

10. Temptation

Batgirl Cancelled
Sydney Forest

Temptation follows nightclub worker Annie (Zoe Saldana) who agrees to a Faustian pact to ensure her boyfriend, Billy, hits superstardom. As a catch, Annie will lose a part of her soul if she says the words "After all I've done for you".

As is expected from any cautionary tale, Annie inevitably utters this phrase, causing her to lose her voice. As she attempts to undo the deal, she finds her life spiralling out of control and risks losing her soul altogether.

What makes Temptation more than just another modern rendition of the deal with the devil motif, is how the story is nearly entirely told through rock music. Rather than using lip synching - which is common practice - all the performers' vocals were recorded live for the sake of authenticity.

If Temptation sounds like your cup of tea, too bad. After it premiered at the New York Musical Festival in 2004, it was never publicly shown again. According to producer, Kerry Barden, Temptation is still "unfinished" but is expected to be released soon.

But since we haven't heard a single detail about Temptation in nearly two decades, it's a fair to say that's never going to happen.

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