10 Controversial James Bond Movie Moments That Couldn't Exist Today

It's not your father's Bond anymore...

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It’s certainly a tumultuous time for the James Bond franchise.

The wheels on the long awaited 25th film in canon continue to spin as Danny Boyle recently quit the production due to “creative differences” with Bond’s infamously interfering producers. Bond 25 is still searching for a director, with the film’s release likely delayed even more, already 3 years since Spectre and with star Daniel Craig not getting any younger.

And that’s not all. Amidst building public sentiment that the character of James Bond no longer fits the archetype of a hero, the franchise’s reputation has been increasingly tarnished by accusations of racism, sexism, and overt misogyny.

Calls for the series to force diversity into its title role are growing in volume, as are demands for the fictional character's romantic endeavours and humour to be completely revamped so as to set a positive example for wide-eyed youths.

Consequently, everything Bond says or does is being watched more closely than ever before for any signs of offensiveness, whether real or imagined. There’s no question that Bond, going forward, needs to abide by changing social guidelines, lest the outcry against the series continues to grow louder and more obtrusive.

Indeed, there are a myriad of moments in the storied history of the cinematic saga that many would love to eradicate for all time...

10. Man Talk (Goldfinger, 1964)

James Bond slapping a woman on the rear and urging her to run along while the men have an important conversation is a truly staggering sight.

Stretched out on his front wearing only a bathing suit, we find Connery’s iconic hero being given a massage next to a luxurious hotel swimming pool by a servile blonde referred to only as “Dink”.

Of course, as Bond notes, M wouldn’t book 007 into the finest hotel in Miami purely out of the kindness of his heart. Rather, business calls as CIA ally Felix Leiter comes along to find Bond in good hands. After a brief introduction, Bond bids Dink adieu with a quick slap on the rump: “Dink, say goodbye to Felix. Man talk.” How very caveman of him.

This sort of dynamic would perhaps have been seen as ordinary in 1964, but such a scene would likely get the film pulled from cinemas as well as attract furious hoards of sign-brandishing protestors to MGM’s headquarters today.

Indeed, it’s hard to believe this sequence occurred in perhaps the most famous and beloved Bond film, Goldfinger.

Modern day PC version: “Please join us, Dink, we’ll need your wise counsel in this matter. In fact, never mind counsel, you’re the boss. What should we do, Commander Dink?”


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