10 Controversial James Bond Movie Moments That Couldn't Exist Today

3. "Quarrel, Fetch My Shoes" (Dr No, 1962)

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Even the most devoted of Bond apologists aren’t likely to offer much more than a half-hearted “but those early Bond films are just a product of their time!” before meekly admitting that moments like this are better left far behind.

Indeed, the films of the early 60s were more than willing to reflect uncomfortable contemporary social mores. Namely, the idea that a Jamaican man wouldn’t be anything more than a servile figure, there only to assist James Bond in every manner… even collecting Bond’s sand-covered shoes.

After all, why would James Bond be expected to strain his back by bending down to pick up his sandals (which lay at least several feet away!) when someone else can do it for him? Our hero is far too busy with his arm around a bikini-clad white beauty they’d just met to bother himself with such trivial matters as shoes. Why is Quarrel, Bond’s local guide, even there if not to take care of 007’s every whim?

These thoughts very likely made a lot of sense during the script writing process, but today must be heavily laced in sarcasm in order to avoid widespread outrage.

Modern day PC version: “Don’t trouble yourself with my shoes, Quarrel, I’ll get them myself. In fact, I’ll bring yours too.”


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