10 Controversial James Bond Movie Moments That Couldn't Exist Today

2. Dr Goodhead Is... A Woman? (Moonraker, 1979)

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To quote Pierce Brosnan in his first official James Bond teaser… “you were expecting someone else?”

Roger’s Moore’s 007 certainly was, searching Hugo Drax’s California complex for one Dr Goodhead. You can understand his surprise when he discovers that said doctor is in fact a young female. Well, maybe you can’t, but rest assured, thoroughly surprised he was.

What’s even worse is the wry smirk he doesn’t attempt to hide as he registers his all too obvious pleasure that the doctor he’ll be spending the next few moments with is an attractive lady. Of course, it’s partly amusement, as what isn’t a gag for Roger Moore’s incarnation of the famous spy?

You’d think that Bond would be a bit more accustomed to finding women in unexpected places only one film after his dealings with Anya Amasova, his Russian opposite number who was a match for him in wits and courage. Then again, seeing as those dealings ended with her in the sack, he’s probably anticipating similar results with Dr Goodhead.

If seeking an example of dialogue that wouldn’t see the light of day on any modern script, look no further than:

“I’m looking for Dr Goodhead.”

“You’ve found her.”

“A woman…?”

Modern day PC version: “Dr Goodhead, I assume?”


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