10 Cool-Sounding Upcoming Movies That We Really Don’t Need

Don't get your hopes up just yet.

The question of which upcoming movie has you most excited has never been harder to answer. Maybe it's unfairly high levels of optimism, or disenfranchisement with past hyped movies, but the upcoming slate over the next few years offers some incredibly promising films. The superhero genre is really upping the ante, with Marvel and D.C. constantly trying to one up each other in increasingly geek-tastic announcements (Marvel announce Captain America V Iron Man, two days later D.C. reveals their plan for the next six years), while many of our most beloved franchises are prepping themselves for a triumphant return; obviously Star Wars has Episode VII coming together, but also Jurassic World will bring an adventure fourteen years in the making, while Terminator looks set to return to its time-travel roots, despite lacking a dictionary, with Genisys. Yup, there sure is a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon. But in amongst all this there's plenty of films that aren't as cool as they seem. Today we'll take a look at some of these, questioning whether or not they're really destined for disappointment. They may seem like really great ideas, but these ten films are actually a little superfluous, existing for all the wrong reasons or otherwise promising things that we don't really need.
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