10 Copycat Indian Movies That Ripped Off Hollywood

9. Avvai Shanmugi (1996)

Avvai Shanmugi Mrs Doubtfire
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Ripped Off: Mrs. Doubtfire

In the history of Tamil Cinema, also known as Kollywood, KS Ravikumar is as successful and famous as anyone. Moreover, he is one of the most prolific directors in all of Indian cinema. His frequent collaborations with Kamal Hassan, another legend of Indian cinema, have been nothing short of phenomenally successful for both men.

One of those collaborations, Avvai Shanmugi is about a man who, after separating from his wife, decides to pretend to be an old lady so he can be closer to his kids by becoming their nanny. If this sounds familiar, it's because it's the exact same plot as Mrs Doubtfire.

Both films are helped greatly by the charismatic performances of their leading men: Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, and Kamal Hasan in Avvai Shanmugi and while the latter does have many original scenes, it is undeniable that the movie is a blatant copy of the Hollywood classic.

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