10 Copycat Indian Movies That Ripped Off Hollywood

3. Zinda (2006)

Zinda Oldboy
Show East

Ripped Off: Oldboy (2003)

Park Chan Wook's South Korean masterpiece is considered the greatest revenge movie ever made. So when Hollywood decided to officially remake the film in 2013 with Spike Lee at the helm, fans and critics were rightfully skeptical. That skepticism was not ill-founded as the Hollywood remake felt like a slap in the face. Fans and critics completely torched the movie for destroying the name of the original.

If only they knew about the unofficial Bollywood remake.

Zinda, the first rip-off/remake follows the same story structure. A man gets kidnapped and imprisoned for fourteen years, without any knowledge of why and who kidnapped him. He then suddenly gets released and now goes on a revenge ridden rampage to figure out who had imprisoned him for over a decade.

The biggest problem with Zinda is that it does not take the dark and stomach-wrenching turns the original does, nor does it take the same risks. It is bland and completely misses the point of the original, playing it too safe, which is a shame, to say the least.

When the film was being released, it had garnered much controversy as the producers were threatened with a potential lawsuit by the producers of the original Oldboy film. However, nothing came to pass, presumably because the original filmmakers didn't want to be associated with this sham of a film, even in a lawsuit.

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