10 Crazy End-Credits Scenes That Completely Messed With Your Head

anchorman So the film's over and all that stands between you and the journey home is a long list of people you've never met doing jobs you've never heard of. Of course, you could leave now - but then you'll miss those precious few seconds that are bound to clear up all those questions that have been bugging you for the last hour or so. Or you won't know what everyone else is talking about when they mention ''that scene at the end''. Such as that scene at the end of The Simpsons Movie where Homer (a man not traditionally known for his patience) insists on sitting through the credits because ''A lot of people worked really hard on this film, and all they ask is for you to memorize their names." And so, begrudgingly, you return to your seat and wonder just what it is that a 'greensman' actually does. Most films keep you waiting for nothing. But some carry sneaky little tricks into the closing credits, such as Inception playing 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' towards the final few names, thus snapping audience out of the dream world and back to reality. And of course, who in their right mind would walk out of Iron Man 3 the second the screen fades to black? That's not what you paid for. So stick around and you might find a secret scene, a hidden surprise or, at the very least, just a really stupid joke. Contains spoilers.

10. Cars

cars As the credits roll, we see that the film's characters have all gathered at the re-opened Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre to watch a selection of previous Pixar films. A little self-indulgent, you might think, but nothing too unusual. However, the films are not quite as you remember them; for now they have an all-car cast. And so we have Toy Car Story, featuring motor versions of Woody and Buzz, Monster Trucks Inc. and A Bug's Life (featuring- what else?- VW Beetles). As clever and funny as these 'films' are, what makes this scene even more incredible is the fact that these bit parts are being played by the original voice actors: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Dave Foley. As Mack the truck (John Ratzenberger) praises the performances of Hamm, the Abominable Snowplow and P.T. Flea in particular, he stumbles upon a realisation: ''Wait a minute...they're using the same actor over and over again! What kind of cut-rate production is this?" Guess who voiced all four characters?

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