10 Crazy In-Universe Rules Star Wars Characters Must Follow

9. Bounty Hunters Had To Help Each Other

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We were first introduced to the notion of bounty hunters in the Empire Strikes Back (1980), when Darth Vader recruited a less-than-savoury bunch of individuals to track down the Millennium Flacon. His only instruction was that he wanted "no disintegrations". This always left an impression that bounty hunters would go to whatever lengths to get their prize. They were simply ruthless and brutal opportunists who acted outside the law.

With The Mandalorian we started to see the bounty hunters in a different light, however. Although they dealt in violence, and often times death, they had their own set of rules and moral guidelines. In fact if they wanted access to the best paid jobs they were required to join the Guild, with its fairly strict codes and conventions.

Bounty hunting, by its nature, is competitive, but in order to stop hunters blasting the Bantha-sh*t out of each other, they had to adhere to certain rules. One in particular, no doubt became something of an inconvenience.

If a bounty hunter was having difficulty then they could call on aid from any one of their peers. This meant that even if another bounty hunter was near to bagging their own catch, they had to give up the chase in order to help their fellow.

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