10 Crazy Party Massacre Scenes In Horror Movies

There's no such thing as a 'safe rave' in a horror movie.

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Party scenes in horror movies have been a long tradition ever since the genre boomed in the 1980s. With the genre turning towards a younger audience after the more mature horror films of the 60s and 70s, this meant that horror movies could pander to a teenage audience by involving elements of nihilistic party culture that was rampant during that era.

Silly party scenes, particulary set at halloween, became a horror movie staple that evolved as time went. It may have started with fancy dress parties in films such as Strange Behaviour, Night Of The Demon and Return Of The Living Dead, but the 90s and 2000s started to blend rave culture into their plots at time went on.

However this would soon be elevated with party massacre scenes intended to create a fantastic spectacle for the audience throguh a glorious amount of bloody special effects. Whilst party massacre scenes in films are quite rare, they stand out as some of the more memorable moments from the horror movies in which they feature.

10. Freddy Vs Jason - Cornfield Massacre

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For the unstoppable killer that he is hyped up to be, Jason Voorhees was actually quite stealthy in the original series of movies. Every onscreen kill would be done away from prying eyes, leaving the rest of the victims none the wiser. However, the surprisingly good crossover slasher Freddy Vs Jason rectified all of that with one scene in particular.

During the earlier parts of the movie, whilst Freddy still has control over Jason by imitating his mother, a group of teenagers think that it’s a good idea to have a rave in a cornfield over by Camp Crystal Lake. As result, Jason crashes the party in an insane way. He first takes out his permanent anger on two stoners nearby, before busting in on the dancing youth and slaughtering everyone who gets in his way.

What makes this scene unforgettable is the fact that one of the stoners sets Jason on fire with a tiki torch to which the immortal monster doesn’t even flinch as he sets fire to cornrows on his way to the party. This doesn’t last long, however, as a keg of beer puts out the flames. The visual impact of seeing an immolated Voorhees rampaging through his victims in plain sight is something wildly entertaining that was never seen in previous installments. Its silly, but it's a scene beloved by many a Friday The 13th fan.

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