10 Crazy Party Massacre Scenes In Horror Movies

9. Demons 2 - Sally's Birthday

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Despite the fact that Demons 2 was made by the same filmmakers who made the original – Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava – it didn’t enjoy the same fanfare as the first Demons movie. One of these reasons may be the change in plot and setting where instead of having demons ransack a packed cinema, they now lay waste to an apartment building. This made the film very similar to other horror films that came out at the same time such as Child’s Play, Shivers and even Dario Argento’s own Inferno.

However, the most iconic scene of Demons 2, one which was featured on the front cover of the home video releases, is a birthday party gone wrong. When Sally comes to blow out the candles on her cake, it plain to see that there’s something very wrong as she is revealed to be possessed by one of the titular demons. Grabbing onto the arm of one of her guests, Sally begins to go through a repulsive transformation thanks to some amazing Rick Baker style special effects work. The guests flutter into a frenzy, but find themselves locked in as Sally begins to rip and tear them apart.

It’s a very short scene, and one which isn’t overly graphic. We never get to see the climax of the massacre either. Nonethless it’s still one of the most enjoyable sequences of Demons 2 if for the shocking transformation segment alone.

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