10 Crazy Star Wars Fan Theories People Believed

9. The Knights Of Ren Were Clones Of Rey

Star Wars Mace Windu Snoke Fan Theory

The Sequel Trilogy introduced the Knights of Ren without going into much detail as to who they were or what happened to them. In the first two films, Kylo Ren is described as the "last of the Knights of Ren," but the final film shows them all alive and well.

While 2020's The Rise of Kylo Ren comic provided an origin for the Knights and how Ben Solo came to be involved in the group, fans attempted to compensate for the lack of information surrounding the characters at the beginning of the sequels by creating plenty of theories.

By far one of the craziest theories regarding the Knights of Ren is that they are clones of various characters, including Kylo Ren. This has been expanded to include the possibility that they are also clones of either Luke Skywalker or even Rey, which is the craziest version of the theory.

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