10 Crazy Star Wars Fan Theories People Believed

Remembering a simpler time when Star Wars fans thought Mace Windu was Snoke. (No, really.)

Star Wars Mace Windu Snoke Fan Theory

Star Wars has been one of those franchises with a large and vocal fanbase, which is why it’s often thrown into the pool with Star Trek.

Both franchises certainly have their fans, but some of those who gravitate more towards George Lucas’ franchise tend to have some strange and unusual ideas.

Fan theories have been around for as long as people had something to be fanatic about, and Star Wars is no exception. As people watched the first few movies, they came up with some radical ideas of what might be going on behind the scenes.

Some of those fan theories proved true, while the truly weird ones remained the stuff of the darkest corners of the Internet's more depraved chat rooms. With every new addition to the franchise, more and more fan theories pop up online, and while some are plausible, the vast majority are just plain odd.

There have been some that make sense, while others seem way too farfetched. This list highlights some of the more insane fan theories Star Wars fans latched onto over the years...

10. Ewoks Happily Ate Defeated Stormtroopers

Star Wars Mace Windu Snoke Fan Theory
Marvel Comics

Remember at the end of Return of the Jedi when the Ewoks were using Stormtrooper helmets as drums? It was a cute repurposing of their armor, but it appeared far more sinister for some fans. There's a theory out there that the Ewoks happily ate their fallen enemies, and the theory has some teeth.

Earlier in the film, those same cute, fuzzy little warriors had Han and Luke on a spit, ready to roast them alive. It's not a complete stretch of the imagination to connect the dots between that scene and the tons of dead Stormtroopers conveniently littering the surface of Endor.

This theory has been debated for decades, and for most people, it's pretty far out there. That being said, there's a lot of after-the-fact canon references that suggest it's true. In the Shattered Empire comic (pictured), there's a comment that suggests Ewoks enjoyed snacking on their defeated enemies.

If that's not enough to prove the theory as true, there's a book by Christian Blauvelt titled "How Not To Get Eaten By Ewoks, A New Guide To Surviving The Star Wars Galaxy." The book was published with Disney's full approval, so a once-crazy theory may have been confirmed after-the-fact via some Disney fan-service.

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