10 Crazy Star Wars Theories That Might Not Be Quite So Crazy

Why does The Force hate Han Solo so much?


If The Last Jedi taught us anything it is that fan theories are a double-edged sword: they are fun to think about, but you never know when some smart-arse film maker will go out of his way to subvert every single one of them... and the fans did not even get any royalties.

Jokes aside, George Lucas may have laid the groundwork, creating a down a mythos of breathtaking scope and detail, but it is the passionate and dedicated fan base, including the authors, developers and film makers who expanded upon it, who lifted Star Wars from the plucky little sci-fi adventure that nobody believed would work to the truly culturally defining phenomenon it is today.

With that level of brainpower it should come as no surprise that theories run the gamut from the straight-faced to the bizarre to the thoroughly tongue-in-cheek. Plot-holes have been busted and new ones unearthed. Personal head-canon has been cemented and monumental arguments have been had. But most importantly, the discussion has never grown stale and Star Wars’ indelible mystique has persisted.

With the sequel trilogy over and a new era before us the time is ripe to add some new ideas to the mix. Time will only tell if there is any truth to them but here are ten theories that might just be crazy enough to pass the test.


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