10 Crazy Star Wars Theories That Might Not Be Quite So Crazy

9. Rey Is Not A Palpatine, Or A Skywalker. She Is A Surik.

Han Solo Star Wars

Even the most ardent supporters of the sequel trilogy would admit that Rey’s parentage is a bit of a mess. From Episode VIII’s stunning revelation that she is, in fact, nobody, to Episode IX’s retcon stating that she is anything but, the issue has not been handled well.

But there is another possibility, one that would explain Rey’s rapid rise in power with surprising ease.

During the period of the Old Republic a Jedi known as Meetra Surik – the Jedi Exile – possessed the rare ability to form subconscious Force bonds with others. As a result she could learn techniques after seeing them demonstrated only once, became increasingly powerful the more Force sensitive individuals were present, and inspired intense loyalty from her followers.

Sound familiar? Rey turns Kylo Ren’s mind trick against him, moves tons of rock in the proximity of two powerful Force users (Ren and Leia), and causes Ren to fall in love with her. And she has no idea how.

Sure, suggesting that Rey is the Exile's descendant is a stretch, but no more than having her be a Palpatine. And, any question of canon is settled by the fact that Darth Nihlus, Surik’s enemy, appears as a statue in Star Wars: Rebels.


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