10 Crazy Star Wars Theories That Might Not Be Quite So Crazy

10. The ‘Flaw’ In The Death Star’s Design Was A Trap


If Galen Erso is to believed, the flaw he engineered into the Death Star was supposed to be perfect. Except, in Episode IV an Imperial tactical officer discovers the flaw within minutes. Obviously, Erso was not quite as smart as he thought.

In order to explain this the theory proposes that Tarkin was in fact fully aware of Erso’s attempted sabotage and, playing the long game, allowed it proceed as part of an elaborate trap. Recall that when told of the flaw, Tarkin did not seem surprised that it existed but instead at the suggestion that he evacuate. Consider also that the thermal exhaust port could easily have been made safe by installing a simple grill or armoured cap.

So, the Empire allowed the Rebellion to acquire the plans in order to expose Leia, a thorn in their side, and find her Rebel contact, and with that contact, the Rebel base. That the Falcon happened to come along was pure luck, and tracking it would meet with better success than torture.

It was a high risk, high reward gambit, and one that, if you think about it, nearly worked.


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