10 Creepiest Child Villains In Horror Movies

Is Damien from The Omen the creepiest horror movie child?

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Since the dawn of cinema, villains in horror have taken on many forms.

In the beginning, audiences were scared by monsters, mummies, and vampires. During the 1950s, they were horrified by aliens and atomic creatures, (and communism). When the slasher sub-genre exploded in the 1970s and 1980s, mask-wearing serial killers became the norm.

But do you know what is scarier than being hunted or tormented by a monster or an alien? A child. The idea that a human being at its most pure can be corrupted to the point where they enjoy killing is one of the most frightening concepts imaginable. What's worse is that their victims are expected to fight or even kill these children to survive, going against every parental instinct they have.

But why would a child commit such evil acts? Sometimes, they just don't know any better. Other times, they are possessed by some malevolent force. But in some cases... they're just born that way.

Don't let these kids' cuteness and innocence fool you. If you let your guard down, even for a second, these sinister children will eat you alive (literally in some cases).

10. Gage - Pet Sematary

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In this Stephen King adaptation, Louis Creed and his family move to their new home in Maine, which resides near an animal cemetery (erroneously referred to as "Pet Sematary"). Because the graveyard is powered by the properties of the Wendigo spirit, any dead creature buried there will be revived.

When Louis' three-year-old son, Gage, get hit by a truck, Louis is so overcome with grief, he resurrects his boy by burying him in the cursed gravesite. But after Louis realises Gage has been reborn as a sadistic killer, he has no choice but to put him down.

In many ways, Gage is one of the most tragic and heartbreaking characters in any King adaptation. Not only is he a toddler when he met his end, he was brought back to life against his will as a malicious murderer. (Even by Stephen King standards, that's messed up.)

Watching a child barely old enough to walk or talk hacking away at his victims is a deeply troubling sight. It's all the more disturbing since we know Gage is not responsible for his actions since he's corrupted by the insidious Wendigo.

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