10 Criminally Underrated Monster Movies

Alcohol averse aliens, mutated cows, and whatever the hell a Kothoga is...


There's nothing quite like a good monster movie to remind us how effective cinema can be at scaring the ever-loving s*** out of us, is there?

Yes, ghost stories, slashers, and other more reserved and realistic forms of horror movies may be more likely to linger in the back of our minds long after their credits finish rolling, but let's be honest. When you hear a mysterious noise outside at night, which of these shadowy figures is harder to picture yourself winning a fight against: Some guy in a mask with mummy issues, a see through spook, or a bloody great mutated crocodile?

That's right.From the early days of cinema, when King Kong reigned supreme and Ray Harryhausen was just beginning to design our nightmares, all the way through to Stan Winston's spectacular creations and CGI's innovations, creature features have been a staple of cinema both big budget and cheap, with sci fi, horror, and adventure films alike using all manner of beasties to scare viewers senseless.

Unlike the proverbial dog, however, no every monster has his or her day at the box office, so with that oversight in mind we've compiled a run down of ten underrated monster movies for your trembling, terrified viewing pleasure.

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Animal (2014)
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