10 Criminally Underused Spells And Potions In Harry Potter

9. The Confusing Concoction/The Confundus Charm

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Effect: Causes confusion.

It’s a shame that neither the Confundus Charm nor the Confusing Concoction were used very much throughout the Harry Potter series.

The most notable example of one of them being used was in the fourth book, during which Barty Crouch Junior used a Confundus Charm on the Goblet of Fire so that Harry would be chosen as a Triwizard champion. But aside from that, both were hardly featured.

Given how competitive the students at Hogwarts were, it would not have been particularly surprising if members of competing houses had deliberately tried to confuse each other from time to time.

Indeed, due to the ambitious and power-hungry nature of Slytherin, it would not have felt out of place for someone like Malfoy to have used either the charm or the concoction against Harry and Ron at various points.

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