10 Dangerous Movie Scenes You Won’t Believe Didn't Kill Anyone

Whether on purpose or by accident these films came close to being killers.

Back To The Future 3
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The practice of filmmaking is difficult. Some would look at the industry and think it's just a matter of getting X into costume, making X do Y, filming it, promoting it, then counting your stacks of cash.

In reality it's a long hard process wherein those who sacrifice the most time and energy are often rewarded with acclaim and said stacks.

Apart from the sacrifice to time and energy casts and crews have been known to put themselves in harm's way. They do this to capture genuine emotion and reaction. Sometimes, though, the harm is not a deliberate construct and happens to be a workplace hazard.

Behind-the-scenes stories come into the public knowledge from time to time and it puts a fresh perspective on what you are watching. If you knew Halle Berry received head wounds during the filming of Catwoman it would make the film in some ways more respectable. With that knowledge Catwoman turns from a bloody awful film into a pretty awful film.

See how opinion can be reshaped so suddenly?

The following should viewed not in terms of the quality of movie (some of them are real stinkers), but in terms of how astounding it is that no-one actually died.

10. Live And Let Die: A Bite From A Croc

This is the first (but not the last) time animals will be involved in dangerous movie scenes. Involving an animal in a film is always a gamble. Where an actor can be swayed by artistic integrity or money, animals do whatever they like.

That's not to say you can't train animals for films. Dogs have been acting in movies for ages, but certain creatures don't take well to entertainment.

In Live and Let Die James Bond makes a daring escape doing his best Donkey Kong impersonation, by skipping on the mouths of man-eating crocodiles. The reason you only see Roger Moore's feat during this scene is because it's not Roger Moore, but a stuntman.

Acting with crocodiles is downright stupid. They're crazy aggressive and, one assumes, even more ornery if they have some Hollywood type jumping on their face.

It shouldn't come as a surprise then that the stuntman received a bite on the leg for his troubles.

Really the guy is lucky, as only a cursory glance of a few nature documentaries will show you how deadly crocs can be.


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