10 Dark Harry Potter Scenes That Were Excluded From The Films

Some scenes were just too dark to be seen on the big screen...

Harry Potter Tom Riddle
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No matter if a fan of the books, movies or both, fans around the world have witnessed the Boy Who Lived save the entire wizarding world from the evil Lord Voldemort.

And while there were some scenes in the movies that will forever emotionally scar us for life (Cedric Diggory’s death, Hermione’s torture at Malfoy Manner, giant spiders, etc.), there are some dark scenes from the books that didn’t make it to the big screen.

Some could argue that these scenes were left out because of run time or they didn’t make sense to be added but Harry Potter films – especially the first four - were mainly catered towards a younger audience, which leads us to believe that some of these scenes may have been too dark to make it into the movies.

It’s evident that as the Harry Potter films went on, the overall theme of a movie would be darker than its predecessor (especially the jump from Goblet of Fire to Order of the Phoenix) but there are still scenes that even the older audience may find too intense to watch.

Here, we’ve ranked the 10 darkest Harry Potter scenes that were excluded from the films.

10. Harry's Constant Abuse From The Dursleys

Harry Potter Tom Riddle
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After Harry’s parents were murdered by Voldemort, he was forced to live with his abusive relatives throughout his years of attending Hogwarts. While the films show the Dursleys hatred towards Harry and they treat him poorly, they don’t show as much as the books do.

In many ways, the Dursleys were neglectful and abusive towards Harry by forcing him to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs, locking him in his room (only letting him out to use the bathroom) with little to no food for days and being verbally abusive towards him.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia have both tried to physically abuse Harry. In the Order of the Phoenix, Vernon attempts to strangle Potter after he thinks he's done magic, and, in the Chamber of Secrets, Petunia tries to hit Harry in the head with a frying pan, which the wizard luckily dodged.

The Dursleys also abandoned Harry at Kings Cross Station when he was 11 years old after they thought Harry had been lied to about the Hogwarts Express because platform 9 ¾ didn’t exist.

On top of all this, the Dursleys were emotionally neglectful, by always treating Harry as a slave, forgetting his birthday, showing no interest in his wellbeing and letting their own son openly bully him (many fans theorise Vernon and Petunia encouraged the bullying).

It’s no wonder why Harry grew up to have anger issues later on in his life.


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