10 Debunked Movie Myths You Totally Believe

9. Dirty Minded Dust Clouds - The Lion King

The Dark Knight

Okay, so this one is a little tough to "debunk." For one thing, if you pause the Lion King at the right moment, then it could easily be argued that the dust clouds kicked up by Simba do actually read "SEX."

But this simply wasn't intentional, and only reads that for a split second. The rest of the time it hovers in the air, the dust actually reads: "SFX." Apparently, this was slipped into the film by the special effects team, who just wanted to give themselves a shout-out.

It caused quite the uproar, with religious organisation American Life League kick-starting a campaign against Disney's use of "sexual messages" in their films.

Another interesting story about the intricacies of The Lion King comes from the characters Mufasa and Scar, who according to director Rob Minkoff aren't actually related in the movie. Rather, Scar is a "rogue lion" who was once close with Mufasa, but in sensing that Mufasa was getting old decided to swoop in and kill him in hopes of taking his place.

Whether this makes Mufasa's fate less traumatising is up for debate, but it's doubtful.


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