10 Decadent Delights Of X Rated Cinema

6. Gwendoline (1984)

23.02.2013gwed2 A true cult favourite, The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (to give it its full title) is based upon the bondage shenanigans comic by John Willie. Its heroine is Tawny Kitaen whom 1980s rock fans may remember as the sexy star of a number of Whitesnake videos. Filmed again by our best pal Just Jaecklin, the film is a sexy romp with lots of cheesy B&D sequences to tickle your fancy. The plot concerns Gwendoline, who is accompanied by Willard - a soldier of fortune and her french maid, who launches a quest to go deep into the jungle and desert to find a butterfly whose capture eluded her late scientist father. The trio get captured by a tribe of cannibals and manage to escape only to be captured by the Yik Yak. The Yik Yak are a tribe of fierce Amazonian women. To ensure the survival of the Yik Yak tribe, the Queen permits the winner of a battle to mate with a captured male (in this case Willard). A disguised Yik Yak Gwendoline wins this right and as she is having sex with Willard, the Queen's henchman - who is a Scientist and secretly aiding Gwendoline - activates the volcano in which the Yik Yak live and kills them all. Gwendoline, her maid and Willard escape. Oh and they get the butterfly. A very cheesy action film on one level and a sexy B&D picture on the other level, we are richly rewarded for our viewing with lots of shots of Tawny Kitaen topless. At one point Willard even shouts "It's raining! Take your clothes off". How can you resist such a movie? The acting is bad - you are not going to get Dame Judi Dench level acting here - but it is perfect for a film like this where we get to see chariot races featuring nude girls pulling the chariots. Eye candy for those who like a little oomph in their sex scenes.
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