10 Delayed Movies That Will Land In 2021 And Still Bomb At The Box Office

A shift in release date may have only delayed the inevitable.

Uncharted Tom Holland
Naughty Dog

The upcoming release calendar remains a barren wasteland, with what's usually the most jam-packed and lucrative time of the year at the box office now an empty shell of it's former glories, with the vast majority of high-profile studio movies upping sticks and fleeing to next year in the hope that things will have returned to normal by then.

Audiences are suffering major withdrawals from the theatrical experience and feeling starved of original content, because no matter how many star-powered movies are provided by the streaming services they subscribe to, there are still few better ways of enjoying a brand-new film than checking it out on the biggest screen possible.

This year might very well be done for, but at least the fact that 2021 is set to be the most stacked year in blockbuster history generates one positive. However, increased competition results in greater risk, with more big-budget epics than ever set to flood the market at the same time and cannibalize each other''s box office takings as a result.

While there's a fair few that seem nailed-on success, there are plenty of others that have only delayed the inevitable by getting pushed back to next year.

10. Tom and Jerry

Uncharted Tom Holland

Tom and Jerry may have endured as two of the most beloved characters in the history of animation since making their first appearance way back in 1940, but it wouldn't be unfair to say that the iconic duo hold much cultural appeal with today's younger viewers.

The target audience seem more interested in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art visuals than a cartoon that their grandparents grew up watching, making next year's live-action/CGI hybrid an incredibly tough sell in what can often be an incredibly crowded marketplace for families to choose from.

Somewhat surprisingly, the movie will only mark Tom and Jerry's second theatrically-released movie, and their first in almost 30 years. That one bombed at the box office after scraping just $3.6m globally, and the presence of Tim Story behind the camera doesn't inspire much confidence in their latest outing being anything other than painfully mediocre, and it will likely suffer the same fate whether it was released in December as planned or not.

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